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Equine Assisted Therapy

The concept of Healing Horses is based on a synthesis of physiotherapy, psychology, encounter therapy, bodywork, healing pedagogy and many more.

Therapeutic riding - as a complete experience-oriented concept - affects all the senses and many areas of life.


The focus is on individual support for the child/youth/adult, through the various possible applicability of the horse.


Here, the main activity does not stop with riding and assisted riding, but also covers work with the horse from the ground, group and movement games, as well as partner exercises, relaxation and perception on top - and through - the horse.

Therapeutic pedagogical support through horses is primarily based on the needs of children/adolescents/adults for fundamental experiences such as carrying, warmth, closeness, relationships and the desire for movement and the need for own actions.

Therapeutic riding includes a wide variety of methods such as systemic awareness, social group work, experiential pedagogy, play, nature experience and animal pedagogy.


In the person of Nadia Reid, you have a certified equine assisted therapist on your side who is trained and certified in the fields of

• psychology

• physical therapy


Riding therapy is applicable to all age groups with


• orthopedic


psychological and psychiatric aspects and pathologies.

A therapeutic treatment plan may include individual or group practice as well as perception exercises on or with the horse.

Nadia Reid has several years of experience as a natural horsemanship horse trainer, and as a riding therapist she is additionally certified in horsemanship, care, training and veterinary maintenance of therapy horses, their diseases and biomechanics, as well as equikinetics.

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