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Equine Assisted Therapy is applicable to all age groups

with psychological,





aspects and pathologies.

We specifically focus on:

equine assisted psychotherapy for PTSD, Trauma and Complex Trauma.



of Healing Horses is based on a synthesis of psychology, encounter therapy, work with the body, healing pedagogy, physiotherapy and more.


The conception is experience-oriented - it affects all the senses and areas of life.

The focus is on individual support for the child/ youth/ adult, through the various possible applicability of the horse. The main activity does not restricts itself to riding and assisted riding, but also includes work with a free horse from the ground, movement games, exercises, body language, mindfulness, relaxation, as well as conscious perception on - and through - the horse.


The horse commands respect with its strength and elegance. But horses are not humans. Nor predators.

The horse shows its vulnerability.

It doesn't judge.

The horse is straight forward and honest. Horses live with a natural sense for justice.


Horses are our mirror. In it we see ourselves and the world. We see our personal reality in it and our own sense of self-worth.

Working with the horse feels emotionally safe on a different level.

Practicing with horses restores and builds a solid self-confidence, as it naturally gives us the opportunity to use our voice without fear or pressure and to courageously state our limits and needs without feeling a lack of emotional safety.


In the present.

Not in the past. And not in the future.

The therapeutic session with the horse includes a wide variety of methods such as systemic awareness, social work, pedagogical methods through experience, play, experience in nature and pedagogy with the help of animals.


The range of services is constantly expanding: in addition to on-site therapeutic riding, horse-assisted therapies are added, where possible, in nursing homes, orphanages, as well as in homes for people with special needs.

Therapeutic pedagogical support through horses is primarily based on the needs of children/ adolescents/ adults for fundamental experiences such as warmth, closeness, relationships, carrying, the desire for movement, as well as the need for own actions.


is an Equine Assisted Therapist, who is trained and certified by the German state in the field of

• psychology

• pedagogy

• physiotherapy

• horsemanship.

The therapeutic treatment plan may include individual or group practice as well as work on - or with the horse.

Nadia Reid has many years of experience as a natural horsemanship horse trainer, and as a riding therapist she is additionally certified in horsemanship, care, training and vet. honey maintenance of therapy horses, their diseases and biomechanics, as well as equikinetics.

Nadia works individually or as an adjunct to ongoing active long-term treatment.

Nadia works

with children, adolescents and adults who suffer from PTSD after a single mentally traumatic experience or complex trauma*.

(*complex trauma:

emotional wounds from childhood,

domestic violence,

military service

or other repetitive traumatic experiences).



For more information please visit:

or contact Nadia directly at 0876 32 22 92.

Thank you.

We look forward to meeting you!

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