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My approach to psychotherapy combines holistic and classical methods

with the latest science-based tools.

The goal is to help you learn to create lasting change by healing

the painful remnants of early childhood trauma kept alive in your body

from long past experiences and to rediscover your authentic self.


The tailored to your needs program you will follow will help:

  • find and understand your limiting beliefs patterns, subconscious fears and emotional and thought models

  • recognise your unique subconscious chain reaction of: trigger - belief - emotion - behaviour 

  • recondition painful coping mechanisms and heal the remnants of trauma in your body.

Together, we’ll work on:

  • Reprogramming painful beliefs to reestablish self-worth & self-confidence

  • Emotional regulation to self-soothe and create independence

  • Learning your needs to find what fulfils you in life and relationships

  • Learning empowered boundaries to prevent resentment

  • Empowering communication to feel emotionally safe and connected

  • Reconditioning painful coping mechanisms and habits

Some of the methods and techniques we will use are:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

  • Talk therapy

  • EMDR

  • Somatic therapy

  • Inner child work (work with the rejected, consciously or unconsciously unwanted parts of the self within)

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Experiential therapy

  • Internal family systems

  • Polyvagal theory

  • Self-Regulation, Breathing and Mindfulness

  • Conscious Eating


Let's beging the learning journey,

because the healer of the wounds that others have brought upon you,

can only be you.

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